DustPack ™ : Evidence-Based Dust Management and Dust Control eSolutions™

Are you paying too much for Dust Management and Dust Control?

Breaking News: ATMOS Global ™ 's world’s first dust impact forecasting services™ are now operating daily on five continents: Australia, North & South America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

ATMOS Global ™ (ATMOS Global Pty Ltd) launched globally on the 4th of September 2012 our first-of-its-kind 'constellation of world's first transformative multi-system dust management e-solutions' assimilated in the company's new services line-up structure, intuitively named the DustPack ™: Evidence-Based Dust Management and Dust Control eSolutions ™ (ATMOS-5D+ ™, DustAlert+®, DustFinder+® and RiskBalance+ ™). DustPack ™ delivers more than 25,000 site level 'dust impact forecasts' ™ every year (achieved 24/7 through ATMOS Global's Centre for Global and Site Specific Dust Impact Forecasting, Management and Control ™ and supports ATMOS Global's new VerifiedDust ™ global initiative, a 'journey of 1,000 mines, one mine at a time' ™ in the pursuit and discovery of environmental excellence, inspired by our 2020 vision.

A copy of our original press release regarding the announcement of our first-of-its-kind service strucutre DustPack ™ can be accessed here. ATMOS Global ™ has also published a series of high profile articles on our world's first dust management and dust control systems and global initiatives in prestigious international mining and business magazines. Please click here to access ATMOS Global ™'s list of published articles.

Prospective client companies that are interested in learning more about DustPack ™: Evidence-Based Dust Management and Dust Control Service Structure ™ are invited to contact ATMOS Global's Air Quality and Sustainability Ambassadors™ for further information and a confidential phone consultation by using this form.

There has been a broad recognition of the importance of access to practical evidence-based knowledge and information that enhance the ability of mining companies to formulate new or improve existing dust management plans for their growth-oriented global or regional operations.

In addition to the evident benefits that mine sites enjoy by using our DustPack ™ to map, measure and coordinate the use of their dust management resources, reducing water, energy and labour cost associated with the use of water trucks for dust control, they also reduce the overall haul road maintenance costs, downtime on repairs and fuel consumption of haul trucks, as well as increase productivity by extending tyre life-all crucial elements in the efficiency equation for mining operations. We did not invent forecasting, we invented successful ‘dust impact forecasting’™.

According to the level of complexity required by the mine site operations, ATMOS Global's new DustPack ™ is available in three high-tech options: ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’.

DustPack ™ and ATMOS Global Air Quality and Climate Change Academy® make life better for people on and off the job and sustain the ‘human engine’. They allow mine site operators to:

- automatically anticipate potential dust impacts well before they happen and intervene to control dust impacts in a convenient and timely manner, either to prevent them or to reduce their consequences

- build serial source and activity specific (including drilling and blasting, bulldozing, excavating, loading and unloading, ore crushing and screening, conveying, waste rock handling, topsoil stripping and stockpiling activities, dust lift-off from exposed mining areas, stockpiles and haul roads) and site-wide dust management optimisation (‘what-if’) scenarios, to continually assess and monitor a range of possible dust control actions and outcomes of allocating resources among a broad set of alternatives and act to improve efficiency and productivity in the critical areas of mining operations

- use ATMOS Global's artificially intelligent dust management and dust control systems that communicate with and learn from their environment in a ‘space-time continuum’, before, during and after potential dust impacts occur; our systems represent a quantum leap improvement over traditional ‘ad hoc reactive mechanical automation'.

Our news regarding DustPack ™ has enjoyed coverage in the following major national and international media: (InfoMine), Mining Weekly, Engineering News, International Business Times, Indianapolis Business Journal, Sun Herald, United Press International, Business Insider, The MiamiHerald, The News & Observer, The Sun News, A.M. Best Company, The News Tribune, Digital Media Wire, Securities Technology Monitor, The State, The News Tribune, Renewable Energy World, LA Daily News, Press Enterprise, Market Pulse, Star Telegram, CBS MoneyWatch, Daily Herald, Yahoo! News, Oil & Gas Financial Journal, Houston Chronicle, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, InvestorsPlace, Value Investing News, Rockford Register Star, The Columbus Ledger Enquirer, CBS11 Dallas / Fort Worth, CBS 2/KCAL 9 Los Angeles, Hydro Review, HeraldNet Everett, Washington, Idaho Statesman, The Buffalo News, Centre Daily Times, Whittier Daily News, The Bellingham Herald, Minnesota Public Radio, The Daily Record, Pasadena Star-News, Lexington Herald-Leader, WJZ Baltimore, CBS 2/WBBM Chicago, Kansas City Star, The Sun News, The MiamiHerald, etc.

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